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god northeastern is like in the middle of nowhere wtf

Photo by: Tiina Tuppurainen Image source: http://www.1st-art-gallery.com


Utrecht School: “A Young Shepherdess With A Wreath Of Flowers In Her Hair, Holding A Staff” (17th century)

Anonymous asked: you are daria

i wish tho 

i wish

i’d figuratively kill to be a late 90s mtv cartoon character 

Anonymous asked: how did you learn so many languages?

well chinese was actually my first language because my grandma raised me at home when both my parents worked and she only spoke chinese to me but my chinese kind of went down the drain after she moved out so then when i was five i started going to chinese school and took chinese in high school through AP and then yeah there’s that

basically it was of cultural importance so i had to learn it

and then i started taking french when i was five and i took that through high school too

then junior year of high school i started taking spanish and 


i’m actually really good at picking up languages fairly quickly and i can mimic accents really well idk i have a strong language learning brain thing or something and it just comes really easily to me 

learning languages is one of the few talents i have and i do admit that sometimes i can be really boastful about it but honestly i’m just grateful that i’m at least good at something 

fell down some stairs while playing 2048 i hate myself

Anonymous asked: Around how many guys have you gotten with?

if you have to ask then you’re probably not one of them :/ (srry)


Roses may say “I Love You” but the Cactus says …
Grand Parade Gallery, UK